Posted On 28.08.2019

’90s Throwback Style

As a mom of two teenage girls, who’s styles are constantly changing, Katrina Olson visited their favourite retailers to stock up on the perfect ’90s inspired looks.

It’s that time of year, when us moms have to switch gears from driving around with the windows down blasting Truth Hurts from Lizzo while drinking refreshers to making lists and lunches while slamming copious amounts of black coffee. I live by making to-do lists and when the girls and I planned to go back to school shopping at Southcentre this week, this list got a bit more complex…

It’s the last week of August and I am just learning about all the new aesthetics that my girls want to build their style goals on. Over this summer, I learned about the VSCO Girl Aesthetic but just this week I was informed there are two more styles I need to learn about: Soft Girl and E Girl Aesthetics. I made a cheat sheet to break it down (which my kids found hilarious) for all the mom’s out there with pre-teen daughters who may also be confused and trying to figure this all out. You have no idea how many bizarre vlogs I had to watch to get here…

The girls and I headed to Southcentre Mall here in Calgary to find many of the things on the above list to define their own style. I have so much fun learning from them all about the new looks, which let’s face it, are mostly just late 80’s and early 90’s throwbacks which I myself strived for on the first day of school once upon a time. My girls are a year apart, but when it comes to style they are as far apart as they could possibly be. Tala loves fashion as much as I do and uses tik tok for inspiration. Persia is really sporty and loves the Billie Eilish tomboy, comfort based aesthetic. I love the gender fluidity of all three of the aesthetics the girls taught me about, so no matter what someone’s style is, they can incorporate elements from any or all of these aesthetics.

Southcentre has a vast selection to complete any of these back to school looks. Looking for something specific? Here’s the best place to shop:

Our Shopping Trip:

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