Posted On 20.08.2020

Back-to-School 2020

Whatever you’re heading back to, you can find what you need at Southcentre. With a new school year ahead, heading back to school can look a little different for everyone. Whether you’re settling in for a year of home learning or heading back to the classroom, we’ve covered the season’s must-haves to make the transition back easy and stress-free.

Setting Up Your Space for Home Learning

Whether you’re taking online classes or homeschooling, consider creating a dedicated workstation. As inviting as the couch (or bed!) may be, putting together a dedicated study space will create an environment that helps you focus and work comfortably. Here are a few ideas to help you create the perfect set-up at home.

  1. Stay Connected – A strong WIFI Connection is an absolute must to keep your online learning on track. Feel the speed of Shaw’s Fibre+ network with up to 300 Mbps downloads, 15 Mbps uploads and unlimited data. Visit the newly opened Shaw on the lower level to chat with the experts and get your home set-up for the new year ahead!
  2. Software Essentials – From OneNote and Outlook to PowerPoint and Word, the Family subscription to Microsoft 365 from The Source will give you all of the tools needed for a successful year ahead. Shop Now, or visit The Source on the lower level to shop in-store.
  3. Tech Must-Haves- With access to all of Google’s Productivity Apps, and Google Classrooms, online learning with a Chromebook will be a breeze! Plus, once school is done for the day, you can head to the Google Play Store and download your favourite (educational?) game! Shop the Asus Chrome Book Now, or visit The Source, Telus, Rogers, Bell or Best Buy Mobile to shop all tablets and computers in-store.

The Classroom Essentials

For those returning to the classroom, here are a few ways to stay safe, along with key items to help you navigate your school day safely and successfully.

  1. Water bottle: We’re calling it BYOWB – bring your own water bottle. Luckily, there are plenty of designs to choose from to reflect your vibe and personality. Shop reusable water bottles online, or visit Sport Chek, Lamose, Twisted Goods and Sporting Life to shop in-store.
  2. Lunch essentials: A cute and spacious reusable lunch bag lets you store your meal and stash your snacks. Be sure to pack your own reusable cutlery, too, for easy access and an eco-friendly, zero-waste lunch.
  3. School supplies: Pencils, markers, highlighters and sticky notes will ensure you start off the school year in top form. Keep them together in a pencil pouch so you can reach for them with ease.
  4. Reusable Mask: As masks become a part of the new normal, be sure to wear one and have one to spare – just in case! Shop reusable masks now, or shop these retailers in-store.
  5. Hand Sanitizer: Stow away this hygiene essential in your pocket or backpack. Shop hand sanitizers online, or visit Rocky Mountain Soap, Shopper’s Drug Mart, Safeway, Sport Chek, Showcase and Nutrition House to shop in-store.

Growing Into A New Year

Whether you’ve outgrown your shoes, clothes or hairstyle, we’ve covered how to start the new school year on the right foot, with the right look!

  1. A New ‘Do – Pair the new school year with a new hair style, cut or colour, or just clean up your look from your DIY-hair cuts over the last few months. Chatters, Tommy Guns, Ao-Ta and Diva Salon Spa Aveda are now open and ready to have you in their chairs. Pick your look and book an appointment at your favourite salon!
  2. Clothes For The Whole Family – Clothes that will transition through the seasons, and from your home office and back to the classroom are a must this season! Shop men’s, women’s and kid’s fashion now, or visit Old Navy, Sport Chek, Sporting Life and The Hudson’s Bay to shop for the whole family in-store.
  3. Your Best Foot Forward – If your toes are reaching the end of your shoes, it may be time for a new pair. Whether you’re searching for a new running shoe, boots or slippers – we’ve got you covered! Shop women’s, men’s and kid’s footwear online, or visit Call It Spring!, Aldo, Brown’s Shoes, Sport Chek, Foot Locker, Soft Moc, Sporting Life or The Hudson’s Bay to shop all footwear in-store.
  4. You’ve Got This In The Bag – With your check-list looking a bit longer this year, you’ll need a durable backpack to hold all of your essentials. Shop backpacks now, or visit Bentley, Sport Chek, Sporting Life, The Children’s Place, Boathouse, Lululemon, Ardene or Below The Belt to shop backpacks in-store.

Help a school-aged girl grow into her new year too by purchasing a $100 Southcentre Gift Card. $5 from every $100 Southcentre Gift Card will be donated to Making Changes and My Best Friend’s Closet. Learn more about My Best Friend’s Closet and how you can support!

Prioritize Self-Care – You Deserve it!

Whatever you’re going back to this year, it’ll take a few months to settle in to this new normal. Prioritize self-care and take some time to rest, recharge and de-stress in the coming months. It may not always be easy, but we’re in this together! Here are our favourite self-care tips, tricks and must-haves for your new year ahead.

  1. Unplug to Recharge – Throw your phone on Do Not Disturb and enjoy a distraction free day filled with relaxation. Grab your Kobo to read through a few chapters, journal your goals and intentions or spend some time on a puzzle to keep your hands busy. Shop all ereaders, journals, and puzzles now or visit Shopper’s Drug Mart, Twisted Goods and The Hudson’s Bay to shop in-store.
  2. Pamper Yourself – Self-care is never selfish! Throw on your favourite diffuser blend from Saje, grab a fun O.P.I. nail colour and give your skin some love with a nourishing face mask to pamper yourself. Shop face masks, diffusers and nail polish now, or visit Oak & Tonic, Saje Natural Wellness, The Body Shop, Shopper’s Drug Mart or Chatter’s to shop in-store.
  3. Relax & Repeat – Set yourself up on a meditation pillow to enjoy a self-guided meditation, draw yourself a bath filled with relaxing bath salts or throw on your favourite pair of PJs to call it a day – until next time! Shop bath salts now, or visit Oak & Tonic, Saje Natural Wellness, or Shopper’s Drug Mart to shop in-store.

Learn More Self-Care Tips

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Whatever the school year ahead holds – a return to classrooms or remote learning – we want to help you ease back in safely and comfortably. That means equipping you with the things you need so you can focus on the important stuff.

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