Posted On 03.06.2019

CHROMA: Tyler Lemermeyer

Tyler Lemermeyer debuts two new pieces at CHROMA!

Tyler Lemermeyer is a Calgary-based artist and muralist who has been drawing since he was three. He received his BFA from Alberta University of the Arts as well as a diploma from Vancouver Film School’s Digital Design Program. Although Tyler went to school to pursue a career as a professional artist, he says quitting his full-time job as a bike messenger to focus on his creative pursuits was actually the most pivotal moment in his journey. When he’s not at the drawing table, you can find him with his family, drinking coffee, watching a movie, or riding a bike. Cycling is a huge part of Tyler’s life — he builds them, rides them, makes art about them, and even has a small business centered around cycling.

For Chroma, Tyler created two pieces, neither of which featured bikes. The first is called “Practically Passion” and is an exploration of pattern and layers that celebrates the warmth of summer. Your eyes dance around the piece before being drawn to a bright tropical pattern in beautiful shades of and purple.

Photography by: Brendan Klem

The second piece is named “Aura” and rightly so. Intense colours and shapes radiate from the centre of the mural. There is a long bench in front that has been painted to match the background to give the illusion that it is encapsulated by its surroundings. By manipulating the scale of a typical garden bench and adding extra length, Tyler has invoked his piece with a sense of play. It also invites and allows for multiple people to interact with and share the space!

Photography by: Kelly Hofer

We wanted to learn more about Tyler’s pieces and the process of building them, so we sat down for a quick chat.

Can you tell us more about the process of making these pieces of art?

Like most of my work, these pieces had a humble beginning with pencil sketches in a sketchbook. Once I had the idea I wanted to push further, I then created a digital version. An advantage to working digitally is that I can manipulate the composition by moving elements around on separate layers until I’m happy with it. Once I was done, I did a few colour changes to match or complement the surrounding murals. With “Practically Passion” I had the opportunity to extend the design off the wall and on to the floor. I designed the floor decal to morph into Rhys Farrell’s design which is directly behind mine.

Photography by: Kelly Hofer

What routines or rituals help you get into the creative zone?

In an ideal world, a comfortable location with limited distractions mixed with music and caffeine. But with such a busy schedule, having pressure to deliver a product within a tight timeline is the ultimate motivator. “Inspiration is for amateurs – the rest of us just show up and get to work,” is a great quote from Chuck Close.

Who are some of your favourite artist or pieces of art?

There are so many great artists and my favourites change all the time. However, there are a few that always come to mind when I think of this question.

  1. Christoph Niemann is an illustrator and graphic designer
  2. Aryz is contemporary muralist.
  3. David Hockney is painter but I love his photographic collages.
  4. Chuck Closse is photorealist painter. What have been some of the most memorable projects that you worked on and where else can we find your art?

Last August, I created my very first mural for BUMP titled No More Despair and it can be found outside Hotel Arts (119 12 ave SW). I work primarily as an illustrator so my work lives everywhere. I worked with Avenue Magazine to create an illustrated colouring book for its Calgary’s Best Neighbourhoods edition. I designed a mural for ATB which can be found just outside of Calgary, in Airdrie’s Main branch (404 Main St S). I have also designed a series of City Tea Towels for Fine Mesh, which can be found at several different retailers around town. But being selected as one of the artists for Chroma has definitely been one of the most memorable projects I have worked on to date.

Photography by: Kelly Hofer

What do you want to create that you haven’t yet and where would you like to see your art in the next five years?

I would love to create a mural that incorporates interactive elements with either reflective paint or with Alternate Reality. I would also like to see more of my work in different cities across the country. Creating artwork for beer and wine labels, album covers, and fabric patterns has always been a goal of mine.

And lastly, what words of wisdom do you have for artists that are just starting their careers?

Becoming a successful artist or creative takes a tremendous amount of work, time and grit. If that’s something you’re up for then lace up your boots and get to work. But please remember to be patient because success doesn’t happen overnight.

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