Posted On 23.06.2019

Have you heard the buzz?

We’re excited to welcome our new rooftop tenants!

Southcentre has taken sustainability steps to keep bees buzzing and protect pollination by partnering with Honey Meadow Farms, an organic honey bee farm to adopt beehives.  The hives will live on the rooftop to support and help grow the bee population by integrating the bees in the community.  The world bee population has been suffering declines due to habitat loss, climate change and other factors over the last few decades and we believe strongly in helping them in our own small way.  We look forward to hosting our new tenants each summer!

This year, we teamed up with the grade 3 students from Lake Bonavista’s École Sam Livingston School and Arielle Birdsey-Bailey a beekeeper from Honey Meadows Farm to lead an informative session to the students on the life cycle of bees! Following their session, the students added their own artists flair to the bee boxes, to make sure the bees felt right at home before settling in on our rooftop!

The bees will be on the rooftop all summer and will enjoy visiting the flowers in the mature neighborhoods around our Centre – they may even make a stop at École Sam Livingston School to visit their Grade 3 friends! Once the bees have worked all summer, they will be returned to Honey Meadows Farm where they will be pampered and given a much-deserved vacation. All of the honey that the bees produced will be harvested by Arielle and her team and will be given to our community partners.

Thank you to the Grade 3 students, and Honey Meadows Farm for being a part of our sweet summer project!

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