Posted On 26.08.2019

Supporting Local Businesses

We are passionate about our community, and the local businesses within it. Through various initiatives, we’re proud to offer local businesses retail space to build their brand, distribute their product and flourish in a traditional retail setting. Get to know a few of our local retailers!

Adesso Man

Adesso is a Canadian men’s lifestyle brand that specializes in unique and functional products characterized by bold colours and European inspired designs. Our focus is to elevate the way people look and feel through our products by using quality materials and functional design while providing a variety of options for our customers to add to their wardrobe and truly stand out from the crowd. Our goal is to provide the latest in men’s lifestyle products at an accessible price point without compromising on quality.

Oak & Tonic

Oak+Tonic was created by the people for the people! Its been in the making for over 5 years now, and with societies commitment to a more natural lifestyle became more of a necessity rather than a hobby; Oak+Tonic was born! Locally sourced, manufactured and produced lines of Skincare make up the vast majority in our collection of remedies! From Vancouver, Calgary, Saskatchewan, Montreal, Toronto right to the coast; all ingredients grown by hand ethically sourced and processed with love line our shelves.


LAMOSE has created, innovated and engineered the world’s highest quality all steel-insulated water bottle, from cap to bottom. Add your free engraving to make your bottle your own and enjoy cold beverages for 24 hours, and hot for 12! It all starts with LAMOSE water bottles. #LAMOSEGO.

Joy Drop

Little Things, Big Joy We have a sneaking suspicion the little things in life aren’t actually the little things. In fact we think they might be the big things. Little moments that bring you joy, or when you bring joy to someone else, we think those just might be what life is all about. So yes, you could call us a jewelry store — our online and standalone stores showcase collections from our favourite designers all over the world, but you could also call us a place where we celebrate the little things, especially delicate, beautiful and wearable little things.

Sublime Couture

Sublime owner, Nicki Prins, felt like there was something missing in the market. No where could you find stylish, unique and affordable clothing brands that weren’t too young or too old. Retailers forgot about the oodles of 30-60 somethings that still have taste buds for life and great fashion! Sublime Couture was created for all women who crave stylish, modern, well made fashion for every day life, at prices that make sense. Happy shopping ladies. Smile. Dream big. Dress well. Be Sublime.

The Curated Shop

A love of Local + Handmade + Makers. After successfully running artisan and vintage markets for a number of years, new vision was forming for owner Candace Boudreau: a complete market experience that lasted for longer than the days of the actual market. A bigger “take away” for both the market goer and the maker. Hence, Curated. was born. Visit today and shop from over 50 handmade/local makers! We switch up at least 50% of our makers and products every 3 months.

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