Posted On 08.04.2021

Tired eyes? You might need blue light glasses.

Naturally found in sunlight, blue light regulates our sleepiness and alertness cycles. The sun produces significantly more blue light than electronic sources, but now more than ever, we’re exposed to artificial blue light from our devices.

Even after the sun has clocked out for the day, we are exposing ourselves to more blue light catching up on our social feeds, making it to the next level in your game, or working on an assignment into the early hours of the morning. The more time we spend on screens, the more blue light we’re exposing ourselves to.

If the all-nighter from that essay or putting in those extra hours prepping for tomorrow’s board meeting wasn’t enough to ruin your sleep cycle, blue light can trick your body into believing it’s still daytime, which may stop you from feeling fully sleepy or mess with your sleep cycle for days to come. 

The cool thing is, Blue Light Filter (a clear coating added to your glasses lenses) helps reduce blue light reaching your eyes, which in turn, may reduce eye strain and fatigue, making all those longer stints in front of the screen more comfortable.

As a lot of us have been working from home lately, Bailey Nelson is offering FREE Blue Light Filter ($50 value) with any pair of prescription optical glasses. Simply mention this promo when you go in-store. Expires April 30, 2021. 

Bailey Nelson: Now Open at Southcentre

Tired of paying too much for your glasses? Good news: Bailey Nelson now open at Southcentre. Find their store on the main level, just off Centre court.

They design all their own frames, keeping quality high and prices low. Get a pair of prescription glasses for $145 (or 2 for $250) – t’s and c’s apply. 

Bailey Nelson is a different kind of eye care brand. All the way from Bondi Beach, Australia, they’re experts in every step of the process – from eye exams and eye health, to contact lenses and glasses.

Don’t have a prescription? No worries! Book an appointment for a comprehensive eye exam. Not sure what frames will suit you? confused about what lens you should go for? Their awesome team is on hand to help you pick the perfect pair. Even better? They direct-bill most insurance providers in-store, taking care of that pesky task for you, and keeping money in your pocket right off the bat.

So what are you waiting for? Come see their amazing selection of frames and add Blue Light Filter for free until April 30!





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