Posted On 22.05.2019

YYC Vegan Week

Get to know Southcentre’s vegan side!

YYC Vegan week, in support of VegFest, is in full swing across the city and numerous restaurants are participating to showcase their vegan dishes and win the title of Best Vegan Dish or Best Vegan Dessert. 

Veganism is a rapidly growing global movement and is an important philosophy to those who have adopted this lifestyle. Whether you are a fully committed vegan, want to make small changes or are just curious,  Southcentre has numerous retailers that sell vegan brands or offer vegan food alternatives.

Vegan Fashion & Beauty

Call It Spring

Did you know Call It Spring’s new 2019 collection is completely vegan? Their vegan collection features footwear, handbags and accessories that are free from all animal derived products such as fur, skin, feathers, wool, silk or adhesives.

Their shift to vegan products ensure that customers can easily shop for animal-friendly options that they feel good about supporting, without compromising style. Shop the collection on the lower level!

Learn more about their vegan shift: Call It Spring Vegan Collection

Below The Belt

Carrying Pixie Mood, Matt & Nat and Native Shoes, Below The Belt is the perfect place to check vegan-chic accessories and footwear off your list. Visit them in store on the lower level.

The Body Shop

Whether you’re looking to add more vegan products to your beauty regime, or shift to a vegan lifestyle, The Body Shop has you covered! The Body Shop has always been a leader in cruelty-free products, and nearly half of their products are 100% vegan including skincare, make-up and body care.


Looking to cut a crease, or get the perfect highlight? Sephora carries numerous vegan skincare and beauty lines such as Kat Von D, Tarte, The Ordinary and Two Faced that are vegan and cruelty free!

Shop Sephora’s vegan collection in-store.

Coffee & Tea

Skip the cow’s milk and enjoy a creamy latte or cappuccino with a plant-based alternative!

Analog Coffee

Along with their unique blend of coffee beans, and amazing latte art Analog Coffee offers soy and almond milk as an alternative with their beverages making each sip 100% vegan!


Add a splash of plant-based milk to your favourite Starbucks beverage for a vegan twist on their classics – the hardest part will be choosing between soy, almond or coconut milk. Unfortunately, their mocha and chai tea concentrate is not vegan, but their drinks are easy to modify accordingly – just chat with your barista!


Whether you stick to your favourite blend of tea, or are interested in giving another blend a try, add a splash of soy milk on top or transform your drink into a latte! In addition to their milk alternatives, many of their blends are vegan – just make sure to go for agave as a sweetener instead of honey!

Vegan Meals


Dig into A&W’s new plant-based Beyond Meat burger or Beyond Meat sausage breakfast sandwich! To make the dish 100% vegan, make sure to ask for no cheese, mayo or uncle sauce on the burger, and skip the egg and cheese on the breakfast sandwich but add lettuce and tomatoes for a hearty meal.

Analog Coffee

In addition to their milk alternatives, Analog Coffee also offers a black bean vegan sandwich filled with veggies and bursting with flavour and a vegan granola bar with a dark chocolate drizzle on top from Corbeaux Bakery! Both the granola bar, and sandwich are in high demand, so be sure to stop by and get your hands on them both.

Craft Beer Market

Enjoy a plant-based meal with a pint or two at CRAFT Beer Market! On their roster of premium, casual dishes you can enjoy vegan plates such as the Grilled Avocado Quinoa Salad (skip the cheese), Beyond Meat Burger on lettuce (hold the classic sauce), The Mediterranean Power Bowl and the Cali Bowl!

Reserve a table at CRAFT!

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